Municipal Valuation Services is a Connecticut-based revaluation company founded in Fairfield, built on the expertise of three MAI-designated appraisers with combined experience of over 80 years in the Connecticut real estate market, and are among the most highly regarded valuation experts in the State. Working closely with municipal clients, our principals are directly involved in all projects to ensure superior quality and unmatched personal service. Munival is built on a foundation of valuation experience, and local market expertise. Since 2010 we have successfully completed over 45 revaluations within Connecticut.


Our valuations are professionally prepared, well supported, and prove defensible in court. Whether through municipal revaluations, market and feasibility studies, partial interest analysis, or litigation support, K & F advisory services has the depth of talent to serve your real estate needs.

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At Kerin & Fazio Municipal Valuation Services, the managing partners each have more than 25 years of experience and have provided expert valuation and litigation support in hundreds of court cases. From appraising your Top 10 commercial properties, to revaluing your entire town, our strong fee appraisal background will ensure fair and equitable valuations that prove defensible in court.


Our services include municipal revaluations, yellow book appraisals, easement valuations, eminent domain appraisals, sewer benefit analysis, and expert litigation support.

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